Buying a steel plate you do at Statendam Steel Plates

Steel plates exist in many varieties, dimensions and qualities from which you might think you can buy them anywhere. But when things get exciting you want to cooperate with a partner who is thinking along with you. A supplier who proactively is trying to find solutions as well as where a deal is a deal.

At Statendam Steel Plates we know the market for steel plates like no other. We can offer you plates from our extensive standard sized stock and we have also have access to our worldwide network of first class steel rolling mills.

We strongly believe that a good business relationship is the key for common success. Our customers appreciate us as a reliable and flexible partner for steel plates. Our very experienced team will always first try to review your question and together we will find the best, custom made, solution for you.

In all the fields of quality, delivery time or logistics. And last but not least against very competitive market conditions.

We will not promise you anything. We just do it.
Experience the difference.